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Behaviorism Foundations
John Broadus Watson
Behaviorism Rivalries
After Watson's Discoveries
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Watson's Behaviorism

Watson had a short lived career in psychology but he was able to set the course of psychology to where it is today. Unfortunately, many of Watson's original formulations are obsolete today; he did form the foundation that allowed other school of psychology to form. Watson’s form of objective research methods became commonplace in American psychology and Watson’s system diminished while a strong foundation formed for modern psychology. Watson’s Little Albert story is still being used as an example of a landmark of a change of course in psychology in many introductory psychology courses. Watson along with those that preceded him formed a strong foundation for modern psychology.

Skinner's Behaviorism

Between the years of 1950 and 1980 Skinner influenced American psychology more than any other psychologist. Skinner’s overall goal was to help modify behavior throughout many settings and institutions throughout the world for the better. Skinner was a humanitarian who wanted to prevent suffering throughout the world and better lives through behavior alterations. He received many awards including the APA’s Presidential Citation for Lifetime Contribution to Psychology and the National Medal of Science, which is the highest award given from the U.S. government to a deserving contributor to the field of science. Skinner contributed tremendously to psychology and to Behaviorism.