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Behaviorism Foundations
John Broadus Watson
Behaviorism Rivalries
After Watson's Discoveries
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In the 1920s psychology had the mainstream public's attention and due to the persuasive qualities of John Watson psychology was accepted as a means to a healthier way of life.This was a prime opportunity for psychology to gain acceptance as a science. Though Watson has gained much credibility for his theories and research he was not the first to disagree with the old ways of conducting a psychological experiment. At the time when Watson attempted to go mainstream it was at a critical time for psychology because everyone was in disagreement. William James sparked this massive blow to the field by proposing that psychology explain the existence of consciousness. Proving that there were scientific ways for psychology to prove itself was the main focus because America was highly accepting the sciences over religion at this time. Because the sciences were more acceptable at his time Skinner was able to recieve more recognition for his work with the objective psychology. Skinner's time was between 1950 and 1980 which was a quite different time than Watson, Skinner continued behaviorism so that it could be used as a foundation for even newer schools of psychology.